General English

General English classes cover the four main skill areas of reading, writing, speaking and listening in addition to grammar.

Tutors will use a variety of modern, interactive teaching methods and will set regular homework, which you must complete. You will take a monthly progress test in your class and full-time students will have a weekly progress test. All results will be reviewed by the Director of Studies and recorded on your academic file. You can view your academic file and learning objectives at any time with your Personal Tutor.

You should also try to use your English as much as possible outside the classroom. Join us for as many trips and activities as you can to practice your English. All students receive a Peartree Languages certificate at the end of the course and a set of personalised recommendations for further study. This certificate will show your name, your start date, your end date, your course type and your final level.

Each group class is 1.5 hours and students can take between 1.5 and 22 hours of group classes per week, depending on the level required and the space in the classes. We offer 5 levels of General English at the school from Elementary to Advanced. Please contact us if you would like a copy of the student curriculum for your level (what you will learn in class). You can start at any time throughout the year following an assessment interview and test. How quickly you progress will depend on the number of lessons you take and the effort you can put into your course. The minimum course length is one month and we suggest a 3 month part-time course to improve by one level, full-time and intensive course students can expect a faster rate of progress. Students typically stay at the school for between three and six months.

Practice tests

For students on part-time or flexible courses you can choose to take a test as an extra to your course. There are weekly test schedules advertised on the student notice board at the school and you can discuss with your Personal Tutor which English language tests would be useful to test your progress or check your level.

Course Price List

  • All classes have a maximum of 12 adult students
  • We charge an administration fee of £ 25 per student in the first month only.
  • We charge an administration fee of £ 50 per student for issuing a letter of acceptance or student Visitor Visa letter plus any postage costs.
  • A discount of 5% of total course fees (not administration) is offered when three months of study is paid in advance.
  • A minimum of one month of fees and administration fee is required in advance to start your course.